About Us

Kristine Karig, LMHC

I enjoy working with individuals of all ages and I am experienced in treating a variety of difficulties, including: anxiety, depression, childhood behavioral problems, autism, recent family adjustments, parenting skills, and I have a wide variety of experience working with couples. I am passionate about delivering individualized and holistic treatment to each of my clients using treatment modalities most appropriate for the client's needs. 

Krystal Gleason, LMHC


I provide a safe and supportive space for clients to develop strategies, from managing daily stressors, to situations that are long-term or debilitating. I work with people of all ages from children and teens to adult. I offer therapy for a wide variety of situations including parenting issues, self-esteem, grief and loss, life transitions, mood disorders, behavioral challenges and anxiety disorders. 

I assist each client to develop goals and treatment plans that support prevention, wellness, and resilience. I use evidence based treatment modalities that are tailored to meet each individual’s needs. I am passionate about helping others and strive to assist my clients in living the fullest life possible. 

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United Healthcare

Martin's Point

We offer affordable private  pay options